Transformerless Solar Inverter Grid-Tied, 3-Phase

Brand Delta
Product Description

Product Features
● Transformerless Inverter
● Dual MPP Trackers
● Peak Efficiency up to 98.8%
● Connects up to 18 Strings
● Ergonomic Grip Design
● Ultra Compact Size
● Built-in Energy-logger
● IP65 Protection Level
● Built-in DC Switch
● Built-in PID offset function


All-in-One Design:
String fuses, surge protection devices, DC switches are integrated.
Multi – Application:
Design for commercial & utility applications.
Saving on Space Cost:
Can be mounted on the foothold of the PV panels, no house or container is required
for inverter installation.
2 MPP Trackers:
2 MPP trackers provide more flexibility for PV arrays configuration and bumpy
ground area to maximize yield.
Easy Installation:
Ergonomic grip design provides easy
installation or removal by the installer.
For additional flexibility, eye bolts are
provided to allow for lifting using crane.
String Monitoring Function:
The string monitoring function can precisely record real-time current value up to
18 strings via RS-485 interface.