Smart String Combiner & Monitoring Box

Brand BBN
Product Description

Solar Smart String Combiner & Monitoring Box

Solar PV string combiner & monitoring box is one of the most critical component in the solar plant. It is the first junction point wherein multiple strings from the PV modules are collated to give a single output to the inverters.

It is a fully customizable box ranging from 1 input to 32 inputs & can be designed at voltage levels 600 VDC, 1000 VDC, & 1500 VDC.

A string monitoring box is an intelligent combiner box wherein monitoring of each strings is possible i.e. a plant owner can monitor individual string current, voltage, SPD status, DC disconnector switch status, Temperature inside the box..etc.

Today, BBN stands at a portfolio of 1.5 GW+ supplies of SCBs/SMBs in the country.



  • Fully customizable upto 24 Input strings

  • Available from 600 VDC to 1500 VDC.

  • Available in FRP encl., Polycarbonate encl., Metal encl.


  • Built in touch safe fuse & fuseholders

  • Integrated surge protection devices (Type 2, Type 1+2)

  • Built in DC-isolator


  • Individual string level monitoring

  • RS485/OFC MODBUS communication

  • Measurement accuracy- +/- 0.5% FSR


  • In compliance with IEC 61439-1&-2

  • In compliance with IS0 9001:2015

  • TUV type tested product