Lithium Ion Battery

To have an efficient high-voltage battery pack, you must purchase at least 4 batteries for a maximum of 8 with a BMS SC0500A, or from 5 to 9 batteries with a BMS SC01000A.
Brand Polycab
Product Description

Pylontech’s H48050 lithium battery represents the latest technological frontier for high voltage photovoltaic storage applications. The simplicity and modularity of the H48050, starting from 9.6 kWh for three-phase systems, makes it suitable for realizing small and large capacity storage systems, which can be expanded according to current and future energy needs. The maximum discharge charge power in modular instant up to 10.8 kW and the discharge depth up to 80% makes it suitable for applications where there are strong hints. Lithium-type LFP technology also has the following advantages:

  • Longer life cycle, which exceeds 4000 cycles, corresponding to about 11 years of work, with capacity at the end of life equal to 80%;
  • An internal molecular structure of LFP batteries is more stable and therefore safer, allowing an increase in combustion temperature of 600 ° C;
  • ease of expansion to obtain storage of important dimensions;
  • Compact and modular design that allows easy installation / upgrade;
  • Possibility of operating in different temperature conditions;
  • Advanced BMS that allows you to report alarms in real time.