Grid-Tied Solar Inverter RPI-M6A

Brand Tata Power Solar
Product Description

Product Features
● Transformerless Inverter
● Dual MPP Trackers
● Peak Efficiency up to 98.3%
● Wide Voltage Range (200~1000Vdc)
● Reactive Power Control
● Ergonomic Grip Design
● Ultra Compact Size
● Built-in Energy-logger
● IP65 Protection Level
● Built-in AC/DC Switch


Recommended Max. DC Power 7.5 kWp
Max. Input Voltage 1000 V
DC Voltage Range 200 – 1000 V
Start-up Voltage >250 V
Start-up Power 40W
MPPT Voltage Range 200 – 1000 V
MPP Voltage Range, Full Power 315 – 800 V
Nominal DC Voltage 600 V
Max.Input Current per MPPT 10 A
Total Input Current 20 A
Maximum Short Circuit Current 13A / 13A
No. of Independent MPP Trackers 2
Unbalanced Input (%) 33 / 67
Input Connection Type 2 pair MC4
DC Disconnection Switch Yes (Inbuilt)


Delta RPI-M6A
With Delta’s cutting-edge technology, the commercial series Solar Inverters are with efficiencies
as high as 98.3%. These inverters are compact in size with durable quality to ensure smooth PV
system operation. IP65 enclosure provides higher level of protection and enhances its durability
in a harsh outdoor environment.