Grid-Tied Solar Inverter RPI-M50A

Brand Delta
Product Description

Product Features
● Transformerless Inverter
● Dual MPP Trackers
● Peak Efficiency up to 98.6%
● Connects up to 12 Strings
● Ergonomic Grip Design
● Ultra Compact Size
● Built-in Energy-logger
● IP65 Protection Level
● Built-in AC/DC Switch


Savings with RPI-M50A
PV System Comparison
Saving on System Cost :
Saving on Space Cost :
Saving on DC Cable Cost :
Dual MPPTs :
Holistic design with built-in AC/DC switch, PV fuse and SPD’s.
Thanks to the IP65 rating of the RPI-M50A, it can be mounted outdoors thereby reducing costs
associated with control rooms for central inverters.
The RPI-M50A can be mounted close to the PV panels which brings down the associated DC
cable costs and DC cable losses which improves overall system efficiency.
Two independent trackers ensure maximum yields even during partial shading of a string. This
also helps in accommodating different string orientations within a system.


The smallest & lightest 50 kW string inverter in the world.
Delta’s latest revolutionary design “RPI-M50A” transformerless PV inverter is the lightest,
smallest, and first wall mount-able 50KW string inverter in the world. With such compact size and
light weight, RPI-M50A offers more design flexibility for all sizes of PV plants. IP65 enclosure
provides higher level of protection and enhances its durability in a harsh outdoor environment.